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My Story

My Fight Against Type 2 Diabetes

My A1C was 14, and my glucose levels reached 550. A number even my doctor had never witnessed. I was diagnosed with type two diabetes five years ago, and I was feeling all the common, major complications due to diabetes. I was overweight, out of shape and extremely hungry and thirsty all the time. I had such severe pain in my feet that I could barely walk. I also experienced chronic fatigue and lack of energy and overall motivation for life. I was always hot and sweaty and had blurry vision. In short, I was a mess!

From February through April that year, I began to experience dramatic weight loss, losing 35 pounds in only 3 months. I knew something wasn’t right, and finally went to the doctor. At that point she diagnosed me with having T2B, and prescribed me Metformin - a common medication for diabetics. I was prescribed 1000mg/day, but my doctor didn’t give me much more information regarding a change in lifestyle.

Feeling lost and confused and without resources, I felt embarrassed, like I did this to myself. After taking the medication, it did help in lowering my blood sugar but it gave me bad side effects. It caused terrible stomach pains, discomfort and uncontrollable diarrhea for 6 months. I felt alone and discouraged by the side effects, and without my doctors approval, I stopped taking the metformin. I failed but I wasn’t going to give up.

Three months later I was put on three other kinds of medications in order to control my blood sugar, and I reached a point where I was becoming hypoglycemic. My blood sugar was dropping too low and caused other issues like shaking, slurred speech and hot flashes. At that point I knew that something had to change with my lifestyle.

In July of 2018, I started learning more about the science of food and nutrition and diving into a healthier way of cooking and eating to improve my diet and control my glucose levels. I custom design my own meals, which are low-carb and delicious. As part of my exercise, I took up boxing, which I found not only to be a stress reducer but effective in controlling my blood sugar. I also supplement my nutrition with Nutrilite Health, a plant-based, highly effective line of vitamins.

With this powerful combo, my health has seen major improvements. Because of this lifestyle change and under my doctors supervision, I stopped taking medication in February 2019. As of May 13, 2020, my A1C has dropped to a steady 6.2, and my blood sugar is maintaining at a healthy range between 80-120 mg. My Body weight has lowered by 25lbs, and my doctor tells me that my Immune system is beyond that of a normal healthy person. This was made possible by persistence, faith and hard work.

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